Step-by-step tutorials, deep dives into high-scale technologies, and guides to connecting to your data.

Recommendation Engine

Help your users quickly discover what they want.
  • Open, 100% customizable
  • Highly scalable
  • Fanatical documentation

MongoDB → Hadoop

Use Hadoop to analyze data from MongoDB.
  • Offload computation
  • Repeatable, schedulable
  • Expressive modeling

Custom Graphs & Dashboards

Link with DataHero for effortless data visualization.
  • Monitor Key Metrics
  • Drag-and-Drop Interface
  • Automatic Updating

Amazon Redshift Data Warehouse

Build an ETL Pipeline to Amazon Redshift.
  • Highly scalable
  • Flexible data formats
  • Open, 100% customizable

Build a Custom Data App

Mortar is all-purpose—use it to roll your own.
  • Effortless operations
  • Work local, run remote
  • Free for public code


Open framework for local development, plus high-scale distributed cloud execution.
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The omnivorous language found wherever there are huge piles of data to be processed.
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Hadoop is practically synonymous with big data. EMR = AWS’s Hadoop service.
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Industrial-strength pipelines for multi-stage data processing at scale.
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Amazon S3

The world’s most widely-used data storage service.
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An easy, flexible, scalable database.
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SQL Databases

PostgreSQL, MySQL, Oracle... anything with JDBC.
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AWS's high-scale, key-value data store as a service.
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AWS's fully managed, data warehouse service.
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Google Drive

Store data to Google Drive. Visualize with DataHero.
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One of our favorite logging services.
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