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Use MongoDB Data in Hadoop

    You have MongoDB, a tremendously scalable database. You’re collecting a lot of data, but you know you need to do more with it. Specifically, you want to do things like:

    • Run advanced algorithms (machine learning, recommendation engines, natural language processing) on data stored in MongoDB
    • Run large-scale custom reports, aggregations, and queries
    • Join multiple collections (and outside data) together for analysis
    • Use your own custom code, not just built-in queries

    Crucially, you want to do this without disturbing the applications that rely on your production MongoDB database.

    This step-by-step tutorial will guide you through the process of integrating your MongoDB data with Hadoop and Pig via Mortar. With your MongoDB data in Hadoop, you will be able to run advanced algorithms and reports on it at scale. The aim of the tutorial is to get you up and running quickly, and to teach you a bit along the way about powerful technologies for working with your MongoDB data at scale.