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Build an Amazon Redshift Data Warehouse

    This step-by-step tutorial will guide you through the process of using Mortar to build a robust ETL pipeline to extract your data and load it into Amazon Redshift. By following this tutorial you can quickly get up and running with a Data Warehouse solution that is:

    Scalable. Effortlessly scale your ETL and data warehouse as you go. With Hadoop and Redshift you will never again lose sleep worrying about your daily job taking 30 hours to run.

    Open. Every business is different. You know the questions and answers you need to answer about your business. This ETL pipeline is completely customizable and entirely open source, so you can modify or adapt whatever you need.

    Flexible. Mortar supports extracting data from a number of different sources: S3, MongoDB, or SQL databases like MySQL. With Pig and Python you can easily and quickly write the logic you need to transform your data. Whatever your specific needs are, you have the tools to make sure they are met.

    Ready to build your own Data Warehouse? Let's get started!