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Steps to Visualization
Create Your Own Dashboards

How to Visualize Your Data Analysis

Why Hadoop

When you arrive in the morning to find your overnight Python script still chugging along, likely it's time for Hadoop. Hadoop was written for scalable data processing, so it gets results back to you at the same speed (or faster!), even as your underlying data size explodes.

Why DataHero

Very few people enjoy being handed 100,000 lines of tab-delimited text; it's hard to communicate effectively when your message is trapped in the less command. DataHero provides very powerful and yet extremely intuitive tools for creating dashboards and visualizations. It's shockingly fast to create exactly what you need to let your data speak.

Steps to Visualization

Here is a quick overview of the what this tutorial will guide you through:

  1. Connect your Mortar account to Google Drive.
  2. Run an analysis using Pig on a Mortar Hadoop cluster and store the results directly to Google Drive.
  3. Make awesome visualizations in DataHero by connecting to Google Drive.
  4. Profit. Or at least, gain back some free time.