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Dashboards With DataHero

Create Dashboards With DataHero

Having data in a spreadsheet is great, but what's even better is do be able to create to visualize it by creating dashboards. DataHero integrates directly with Google Drive, so once you've got your Mortar job storing to a Google Spreadsheet you can start working in DataHero in under a minute.

Connect Google Drive to DataHero

If your data is in Google Drive, getting it into DataHero is fast and easy. After logging in, click on the connect button in the middle of the left panel:


This will bring up an array of options:


Select Google Drive, and you will be prompted to authenticate to your Google account. Choose the account where your data lives and click Accept to arrive at this screen:


Walk through the pages and DataHero will find all the files in your Google account that contain data you can use. Select the "coffee_tweets_output" file and click Import.


DataHero will pull in the data and make guesses about what data type is in each column. You'll need to fill in column names. Once you've done that, click "It Looks Good!"



Your data is now imported and ready to work with. There are some suggested graphs, but you can make your own to communicate exactly what you want: