Mortar has joined Datadog, the leading SaaS-based monitoring service for cloud applications. Read more about what this means here.


    MongoDB is the world’s most popular NoSQL database, and its adoption rate puts has poised to continue to expand dramatically. It offers the expected NoSQL features--schema flexibility and sharding for scalability--under an open-source license.

    Integration with MongoDB and Mortar is simple and direct: data stored in MongoDB can be loaded directly into Pig for use on Hadoop using the MongoDB Connector for Hadoop, and then stored directly back to MongoDB. Hadoop provides the high scale data processing, and the results are easily accessible in MongoDB (or any other destination).

    Mortar can connect directly to MongoDB nodes or read backup data from S3. If you use MongoLab or MongoHQ, the automated backup output can be stored in S3 and used to power your Hadoop analysis.