Mortar has joined Datadog, the leading SaaS-based monitoring service for cloud applications. Read more about what this means here.


There's nothing convenient or easy about having a large amount of data scattered across different data stores and in different formats. It can be difficult to analyze or interpret, yet this data may contain extremely valuable information for your business. What you need is a data warehouse--a centralized place that contains all of your data and is easily queryable to quickly give you the answers to your most pressing questions.

Why Redshift?

Redshift allows for fast queries regardless of how much data you have. Check out this video from Amazon for a quick overview of how Redshift works.

Redshift is an excellent data store when using Mortar. Mortar's Hadoop is powered by Amazon EMR, so the data will stay entirely within AWS. Everything scales up with you. As you need to process more data, just bump up your Mortar and Redshift cluster sizes.

Here's a step-by-step tutorial to build your own Redshift Data Warehouse.