Mortar has joined Datadog, the leading SaaS-based monitoring service for cloud applications. Read more about what this means here.


    Mortar is a powerful, general-purpose platform for high-scale data science. It’s built on the Amazon Web Services cloud, using Elastic MapReduce (EMR) to launch Hadoop clusters and process large data sets. Mortar eases the transition from merely having big data to using big data by handling all the mess of launching and managing clusters, while also providing tools to help users track the status of jobs in progress and quickly identify and fix problems.

    Mortar runs Apache Pig, a data flow language built on top of Hadoop. Pig is easier and faster to use and execute than MapReduce, and it provides a comfortable transition for anyone used to writing SQL. Additionally, Pig allows for writing functions in other languages—such as Java, Python, and Jython—which makes it extremely flexible.

    Mortar runs on open-source technologies, so you are never locked in. It integrates Hadoop, Pig, Java, Jython, Luigi, and other technologies into one platform to let you focus on the data science, and not the IT.

    We love data science. Time sinks and surprises, not so much. That's why we built Mortar.