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Exporting Your Web Projects

All of your Mortar Web Projects can be exported to a single file with the push of a button.

Exporting Your Web Projects

You can request an export of your Mortar Web Projects by clicking the "Export Web Projects" button on the Mortar Dashboard.

Mortar Dashboard

Once you request an export Mortar will compress all of your web projects into a tar file placed in a secure location in S3 and email you a link you can use to download your export. This link will only be valid for 24 hours but you can request a new link by requesting a new export.

The entire export process will take a few minutes to complete.

Export Structure

Your Mortar web project export will be a single compressed file. Once you have downloaded the export you can extract your files by doing:

tar -xvf <your_id>_mortar_web_projects.tar.gz

This will create a single directory 'projects' which will contain one directory for each one of your web projects. Each of the project directories will contain your up to 3 files: your Pig code, your Python code, and your Jython code.