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Managing Accounts and Users

Information on how to create and administer your Mortar account and users.

Accounts and Users

In Mortar, there are two levels of hierarchy: accounts and users. An account generally corresponds to a company and contains the users for that company.

Creating an Account

To get started on Mortar, request a free trial account.

Every account can have multiple users. Each user in your account has their own login (email and password) and API key, as well as their own clusters and jobs.

Accounts share common billing, and also common access to created code in Mortar Projects. This allows for collaboration between developers in your company.

Account Administration

The first user created in an account is designated an admin. Via the My Account page, admins can:

  • Add / Delete users in the account
  • Initiate a password reset for users in the account
  • Grant or revoke admin privileges for other account users
  • View previous and current invoices
  • Modify plans and billing

Adding a New User to Your Account

As an admin, you can add a new user to your account from the My Account page.

On the My Account page, select the "Add User" button above the list of users:

Add User Step One

A popup will appear, allowing you to enter the name and email of the user you want to add:

Add User Step One

Once the user is added, he or she will receive an email to set up a login to Mortar.

User Settings

In addition to the special privileges granted to admins, all users (admins and non-admins), can perform the following actions from the My Settings page:

  • Change your password
  • Set your AWS S3 Access Keys to connect to your S3 data (read more)
  • Set an S3 bucket and folder to store logs from your Hadoop clusters
  • Retrieve or Reset API key (read more)
  • Connect to your Github account to sync code to Mortar
  • Control which additional Python packages are installed to your Mortar clusters

Resetting a Forgotten Password

If you forget your password, you can request a password reset.